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We are proud to announce the programming of Mim’provisation for the MIMOS Festival at Périgueux. We are looking for mimes and musicians to improvise with us for the second part of the event. Here is the online enrollment form.

Event in two parts: In the first part, you as the audience will witness an improvisation of a group of mime guided by a maître de ceremony. In the second part, you become the actor and, if you are up to it, can improvise—in duos or trios according to the given themes.


August 2,3 and 4, 2012
at 11:30 am, Place Mauvard, Périgueux
Entry Fee: 6 €
+infos and reservations (site in French)
For more information: +33(0)6 03 24 55 75
see 3min vidéo
poster design credit: Pierre-Yves MASSIP

Contemporay Mime in improvisation
organized by

"A 'Battle' that delimits barriers!" - Etienne Bonduelle, CNM
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What is Mim'provisation?
It is an encounter of mime of all forms: All techniques, styles, and schools.

Our goal is to bring together those who practice “mime”, the young and the old, professionals and amateurs, and to create surprising and unusual encounters by giving a venue to the creativity specific to the art of mime.

In addition, it is forum to discover and give recognition to the mime artists who excel in the art of mime and improvisation. Through peer recognition and audience participation, the evening cultivates some of the best examples of contemporary mime while pushing its limits and possibilities.

If you love mime, this is the event for you! If you are not sure what mime is, come and discover it!

Press Introduction

See the first Mim'provisation poster

The Invited Mimes
Hanako Danjo
Agnès Delachair
Sergi Emiliano
Won Kim
Sara Mangano
Pierre-Yves Massip
Elena Serra
Arianna Fernandez (en alternance)
Guillaume Le Pape (en alternance)
Mattia Maggi (en alternance)

The Invited Musicians
Dany Bellini
Sylvain Choinier
Dzovinar Megerditchian (en alternance)

Agathe Patonnier (Régisseuse)

Cie Pas de Dieux
Autour du Mime

Our partners
Cie Mime de Rien: lieu d'accueil
Comme vous Emoi: lieu d'accueil www.commevousemoi.fr
Le théâtre du Samovar: lieu d'accueil www.lesamovar.net
Silence Community: diffusion www.sliencecommunity.com

The Invited Masters
Yves Marc du Théâtre du Mouvement (Notre premier Parain)
Denise Namura de la Cie à fleur de peau
Lluis Graells de l'Institut del Teatre de Barcelone
Catherine Dubois de la Cie In Extenso
Claire Heggen du Théâtre du Mouvement
Luis Torreao d'école Hippocampe
Elena Serra

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crédit photos: Jemina Boraccino, Stephan Piera