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The body's journey
The company Pas de Dieux, co-directed by Leela Alaniz and Won Kim, proposes a year of revitalizing creativity through the rediscovery of the body as a path of research and creation. In addition to the various technical workshops proposed throughout the year, the program also proposes theoretical reflection concerning the attitudes of the actor/dancer immersed in his work, therefore opening the possibility to create with the body, spirit and sentiments as a part of a continual work of self-discovery.


Workshops 2010 - 11

Leela AlanizLeela Alaniz
Training: Dynamo-Rhythm for Actors/Dancers

October 25 to 29


"Mime would not interest me if I did not feel the world vibrating when I do mime" – Etienne Decroux

The objective of the workshop is to research with the actor/dancer an interior body vibration for each movement, from the vigorous to the subtle.

Dynamo/rhythm is a term created by Etienne Decroux to designate the infinite combinations of corporeal designs in conjunction with the speed, the force or the resistance of movements.

Beyond the practice of Corporeal Mime, the work researches the possibilities of personal discoveries in order to create unique compositions.


• Alexander Technique – relaxation and liberation of articulations
• Articulations
• The Counterweights – Resistances
• The Causalities – intra-corporeal and inter-spatial - resonances
• Listening – Interior Music
• Surprise – Change and Vibrations
• Improvisations
• Compositions


Brazilian born actress. She received a scholarship grant to participate in UTA, a center of research for theatre anthropology in Brazil. In 1994, she founded Casa de Artes BAKA, a multicultural arts center. For her direction and management of the Casa de Artes BAKA, she received the coveted SATED prize. From 1997 to 2003, she studied corporeal mime under Thomas Leabhart in California and Paris, eventually becoming his assistant.

She has directed several shows and has taught courses in California, Europe, Singapore, Argentina and Brazil. Her Master’s thesis concerning "The dynamo-rhythm of Etienne Decroux” will be published in the next edition of the Mime Journal*. She is currently in the PhD program of Paris 3 - Sorbonne Nouvelle University in theater studies.

* Mime Journal - Thomas Leabhart editor, Pomona College, California.


practical info

Training: Dynamo-Rhythm for Actors/Dancers
October 25 to 29

10am - 5pm monday to friday
30h / 280€
Studio Philippe Genty, Paris


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