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The body's journey
The company Pas de Dieux, co-directed by Leela Alaniz and Won Kim, proposes a year of revitalizing creativity through the rediscovery of the body as a path of research and creation. In addition to the various technical workshops proposed throughout the year, the program also proposes theoretical reflection concerning the attitudes of the actor/dancer immersed in his work, therefore opening the possibility to create with the body, spirit and sentiments as a part of a continual work of self-discovery.


Workshops 2010 - 11

Lluis GraelsLluis Graells
The Actor and the Mask of Commedia dell'Arte

April 4 to 8


During the workshop, we will explore the masked characters of the Commedia Dell’Arte through the study of their walks, voices, and energies: Arlequin, Colombine, Dottore, Pantalon, Capitan, Zanni, Brighela. Each of these characters will be the object of a personalized work of each student. In this fixed form, in the “interior”, lies a large creative space that will be uncovered and will permit each actor to create his Arlequin, his Capitan, her Colombine…

Each day, improvisation will take its special place. We will study the codes of acting specific to the Commedia and to the mask, as well as the construction of the storylines. These participants will create the intrigues and mysteries by relying on the physical form and the social functions of their masked characters, based on their proper imagination and their relations tied to the characters.


* Semi-mask: movement techniques, lecture and study

* Fixed Type, Type/CounterType, Style, Attributes

* Corporeal Schema of the Character and the Physical Transformation of the Actor

* Technical Limitations as a Source of Creation

* Improvisations as show


Actor, director, professor, and artistic director for the International Festival of Mime and Gestual Theater COS of Reus, Catalonia. Earned a diploma at the l'Institut del Teatre de Barcelone in 1989. He worked with Pawel Rouba and Andrzej Leparski in mime and Pantomime, mask with Andrzej Leparski, Don Jordan y Roy Bossier, and and Commedia dell'Arte with Carlo Boso and Ferruccio Solari. After having participated as an actor and director in numerous productions such as Brecht, Molière, Goldoni, to name a few, he has taught Commedia dell'Arte for over 15 years at National and Regional Conservatories in Spain.


practical info

The Actor and the Mask of Commedia dell'Arte
April 4 to 8

9:30am - 5:30pm monday to friday
35h / 320€
Studio Philippe Genty, Paris



Lluis Graels